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Data Management Solutions delivers best practice custom data management solutions to you, world-wide:

  • Are you looking for world-wide Data / W3C XML Schema modelling skills or consulting?

  • Do you need W3C XML Schema library / vocabulary design expertise?

  • Are you looking for expertise in semi-automated, model-driven semantic interoperability using Open Standards?

  • Do you require guidance on methodology and tools to transition your semantic enterprise data model into an W3C XML Schema library?

  • Are you considering loose coupling the XML schema minor versions with backward and forward compatible processing?

  • Do you need Universal Business Language XML Naming and Design Rules expertise?

  • Is your business considering compliance with OASIS UBL NDR 2.0/2.1?

  • Do you need XML Value Validation according to OASIS standards Genericode, Context Value Association and ISO Schematron?
    (formerly known as UMCLVV)?

  • Is your business information hidden in an obscure database? 

  • Is your business information not giving you a competitive advantage? 

  • Are you planning to develop a new database? 

  • Is your existing database not adequate? 

  • Are you planning a data conversion? 

  • Is your programmers’ development database structurally volatile? 

  • Do you need to reverse engineer a legacy database?  

  • Are you getting insufficient returns from your modelling efforts? 

  • Do you need a model change management solution? 

  • Do you want to share and manage your meta data? 

  • Do you need data management skills temporarily or on-demand?

Latest News from Data Management Solutions:

With 22 years experience in data management and relational databases I am well positioned to deliver tailored solutions that deliver business advantage to you. 

See my résumé for details and reference sites, or feel free to contact me.

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