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Why Model Change Management?

Your business evolves continuously, and the data structures evolve with it in tandem. After gaining control over your data asset through data modelling, effective change management lets you build on that advantage: 

  • What is the impact of a proposed data structure change?

  • Is a database change compatible with the business data model?

  • Does a planned XML Schema change comply with the business data model?

  • Which databases and XML Schemas are affected by a business data model change?

  • How is the data warehouse affected by a model change?


State of the art modelling tools greatly assist efficient change management, including impact analysis, versioning, version comparisons.


Your business can respond to changes in a much more agile and predictable manner, without unexpected operational disruptions or deteriorating data quality.


Data Management Solutions has a track record of implementing successful data model change management solutions. For details, see the résumé, or feel free to contact me.


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