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Why Data Architecture?

Data Architecture describes how data is processed and stored.


Data Modelling provides well understood and documented data structures, both logical and phyiscal, which underpin a good Data Architecture.


Data Architecture can be further enhanced by choosing a model-driven Data Architecture, which can traceably link your one logical business data model with several, quite likely overlapping and divergent physical database and messaging implementations.



That traceability allows you to logically consolidate the overlapping physical data structures, leading to more accurate Data Analysis and decision making.


Naturally, your business and with it the business data structures continue to evolve, and so do the data models: Tool supported Model Change Management keeps the various data models up-to-date, which enables you to retain control over your data assets.


With 20 years experience in data management, I am well positioned to bring all your data aspects into one data architecture that turns your data into your business advantage.

 For details, see my résumé, or feel free to contact me.


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