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What's new in MXV Productivity Tools version 3.2 

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1. MXV Productivity Tool Enhancements v3.2 (July 7 2011)

   1.1 Verified for Sybase PowerDesigner v15.3

   1.2 Verified for MS Windows 7
   1.3 Improved MXV user interface
   1.4 Improved MXV stability
   1.5 Improved MXV performance
   1.6 New tool to generate test case matrix
   1.7 New MXV Help file now available

1. MXV Productivity Tool Enhancements v3.2 (July 7 2011)

July 7 2011: Data Management Solutions is pleased to announce the release of MXV Productivity Tools 3.2.


MXV has been successfully implemented and upgraded since 2007 at the New Zealand Ministry of Education under the name of ESL (Education Sector Language).

1.1 Verified for PowerDesigner v15.3

MXV Productivity Tools v3.2 are now verified for Sybase PowerDesigner v15.3, taking advantage of Sybase feature enhancements and bug fixes.

1.2 Verified for MS Windows 7

MXV Productivity Tools v3.2 are now verified for Microsoft Windows 7 and continue to be verified for MS Windows XP.

1.3 Improved MXV user interface

MXV Productivity Tools v3.2 include an improved MXV user interface.

Several screen dialogs have a simplified dialog structure and improved screen buttons.

1.4 Improved MXV stability

MXV Productivity Tools v3.2 have resolved the issue of PowerDesigner instabilities when working with many models for a prolongued time. A number of minor bugs have been resolved also.

1.5 Improved MXV performance

Several MXV tools show performance improvements when compared with prior MXV versions.

1.6 New MXV tool to generate a Test Case Matrix for a document schema

The new tool allows generating a test case matrix for each document schema.


The matrix uses the MS Excel format.


After entering single and repeating occurrences of test cases, the test data may be exported to a CSV file for use with tools such as Altova MapForce which can generate XML test case instance documents.


A license is required (bundled or individual).



1.7 New MXV Help file now available

A new context sensitive MXV Help file can be accessed from many MXV screens.


The MXV Help file:



MXV Help can be accessed in various ways described below:


1. MXV Help on the Tool menus.



2. MXV Help on the property sheets.



The MXV methodology documentation (SD06) has been updated and now refers to the MXV Help.


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