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Why Data Modelling?

Data Modelling is the process of creating a data model.


Data Modelling:

  • uncovers the fundamental essence of your business, the data structures

  • is the analysis of data classes and the identification of associations among these classes

  • is structuring and organising data while imposing business constraints on the data placed within

  • is a proven technique in use for over 20 years in information engineering

  • has excellent tool support for various standardised notations and implementation platforms

  • produces a data model for your business domain


A good data model:

  • matches your business requirements

  • visualises data structures

  • documents data structures

  • defines a grammar, AKA taxonomy for your business

  • enables sound business decisions and data warehousing

  • is designed for flexibility

  • enables reusability

  • reduces maintenance cost

  • improves application and messaging design

  • can generate a database or XML Schema

  • is a linchpin for good data architecture


With over 20 years experience in data modelling, I am well positioned to develop a good data model for your business.

For more information on data modelling see here.


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